Boaz Buas Saat Opposition Persija

Boaz Buas Saat Opposition Persija

Persipura Jayapura will host Persija Jakarta in a League 1 match at Mandala Stadium, Jayapura, Wednesday (18/10/2017) at 13:30 pm.

Persipura chance to win because the team nicknamed Black Pearl has a predator if against Persija. The predator is Boaz Solossa.

Players who are familiar in sapa Bochi is not a goal machine this season Persipura. The predicate belongs to Addison Alves.

Currently, Boaz more role as a goal creator.

The proof is a six-point record that compares with 12 assists.

However, Boaz has a predicate as the striker when the most fertile Persipura Persija.

The captain of the Indonesian national team has scored 10 goals against Persija since Indonesia Super League (ISL) 2008-2009.

Of the 10 goals created in six games, six goals of which were created by Boaz when Persipura entertain Persija.

One of the unforgettable matches for Boaz is when scoring three goals so Persipura won 6-0 on October 9, 2008.

Dissolved more deeply, Boaz is deadly in the quarter-hour early round. His total goal in this period was six goals.

Moreover, Boaz almost always scores in the period every 15 minutes, except in the 30-45 minutes.

Boaz can also be said to be a talisman victory Persipura. Every Bochi scored, Persipura often win.

Of 10 goals created by Boaz, Persipura successfully won five wins. Only once, Persipura failed to win when Boaz scored.

Goal is happening when Persipura draw with Persija 1-1 on 10 September 2016.

Can Boaz add to the coffers of his goals in the game later?

Officially Introduced to Public, Lilipaly Wear Number 87

Officially Introduced to Public, Lilipaly Wear Number 87

Bali United finally officially introduced Stefano Lilipaly as their latest recruit on Sunday (08/13/2017) afternoon.

Located at Bebek Bengil Restaurant, Kuta, Bali, a number of representatives of Semeton Dewata, Bali United fans, were present.

Puzzles over Lilipaly’s back number were also answered. In the introductory session, the Manager of Bali United, handed jersey numbered 87.

The 27-year-old player has his own consideration to choose this number. The number eight is Lilipaly’s favorite number, while the number seven is the date of birth of the child.

“I chose a combination of eight and seven because of my eight favorite numbers, while the seven dates of the birth of my child,” said Lilipaly.

Former SC Cambuur player explained, the club where he played in Europe did expect him to stay there.

However, Lilipaly decided to play in Indonesia.

“My club in Europe wants me to stay, but I decided to play in Indonesia,” said Lilipaly.

How PSSI Eliminate Violence in Soccer

How PSSI Eliminate Violence in Soccer

PSSI gives serious attention to violent cases such as fighting and mistreatment of supporters in football matches. To reduce the potential for violent cases, PSSI is preparing a special division to approach the fans and the Indonesian soccer community.

“PSSI know that attention to fans in Indonesia needs to get a special portion. In the current PSSI work unit there is a special division of fans and community engagement area that will directly act to overcome the things and events around fans and supporters of Indonesian football, “said Secretary General of PSSI, Ratu Tisha Destria, as quoted from the official site PSSI, Thursday (4/27/2017).

Plus Tisha, the problem of supporters is not an easy affair. This is a quite challenging homework in Indonesian football, which is slice with the socio-cultural aspect of the nation.

Cases of persecutor supporters in the match Persib Bandung versus Persija Jakarta on the title of competition in the League 1 in Bandung some time ago very apprehensive. The clash occurred and one of Persib supporters named Ricko Andrean who was allegedly victim of miscommunication between supporters.

The victim was critical and unconscious before finally died at Santo Yusup Hospital, Bandung, Thursday (07/27/2017).

“I personally and at the same time represent the PSSI is very concerned about the incident that occurred. Hopefully this case does not happen again. Deep grief for Ricko Andrean’s brother. Hopefully his family is given strength and fortitude, “said Tisha.


PSSI also hope the Indonesian soccer supporters should be more mature, polite and not easily provoked to do anarchist. Football should be an exciting and entertaining spectacle, as well as representing the values ​​of sportsmanship.

PSSI will work hard with other football stakeholders to solve this problem.

Related to this case in Bandung. PSSI Discipline Committee is working on collecting information and evidence.

The results of the PSSI disciplinary committee session decision will be announced soon and hopefully this will be a lesson for all soccer clubs and supporters in Indonesia.