Fans Ingin Morata Do Not Use Chelsea’s Bad Number

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Fans Ingin Morata Do Not Use Chelsea’s Bad Number

Jakarta The presence of Alvaro Morata was greeted happily by Chelsea supporters. However, the Blues fans have a special request on management, which does not provide the back number 9 for the Spanish striker Memutihkan Kulit Tubuh.

Alvaro Morata came to Chelsea with a tag of 58 million pounds sterling. That figure can touch 70 million pounds sterling, depending on the appearance of the bomber. Speculation circulated, Chelsea will put Morata as the main banger aka player with role number 9.

Together with the position, there is a chance Morata will wear jersey numbered 9 as the main attacker. Uniquely, many fans who want Morata do not use the costumes numbered sacred.

Some fans claimed to fear Morata will be exposed to the curse of jersey numbered 9 of Chelsea. All that is set from the unsatisfactory performance of the strikers who get costume numbered 9.

In recent years, statistics prove players with number 9 did not have a major contribution to Chelsea. The last number 9 player who could provide benefits for Chelsea is the Dutch bomber, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

Since that time, a row of number 9 jersey users has lost spurs and not maximized. Some famous names are faded, among others, Fernando Torres, Radamel Falcao, Mateja Kezman and Franco Di Santo. In addition there are Steve Sidwell and Khalid Boulahrouz, who contribute minimally.

All these facts make Chelsea fans busy to ask Antonio Conte did not give number 9 for Morata. Proposals to the Conte is busy they throw through social media, especially microblogging site, Twitter.

The owner of @raramaim account mentions, it is a mistake if Chelsea give the costume numbered 9. “Do not do it !. Truly, the result will be bad (for Morata),”.

Another with the account @ EmzzyLou20. He writes, there is no Spanish player number 9 who succeed when a career outside their country. “Do not number 9. Really, the owner of that number does not look good,”.

Such anxiety can arise after there is concrete evidence. Radamel Falcao for example, only able to pack a goal on 10 appearances at Stamford Bridge. Colombian bomber is always problematic with fitness.

So is Alvaro Morata’s compatriot Fernando Torres. El Nino is not maximal after purchased 50 million pounds sterling. He only packed 20 goals in 110 matches.