Mystery of Love Triangle Icardi, Wanda and Maxi Lopez

Mystery of Love Triangle Icardi, Wanda and Maxi Lopez

WAGs section, Wanda Nara, reveals a triangle love story with Maxi Lopez and Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi Agen Bola Sbobet. Wanda asserted, Maxi is not the type of faithful partner.

The love triangle relationship between Wanda, Icardi and Maxi draws public attention in Italy. At that time, Wanda was the wife of Maxi, who was none other than Icardi’s team-mates at the Sampdoria club.

Then, Wanda left Maxi and fell into the arms of Icardi. Many were surprised by this and accused Icardi of stealing a man’s wife.

After the tempest of love affair, Icardi and Maxi’s relationship also worsened. Both did not shake hands while meeting in a match.

Italian media also seemed to blame Wanda and Icardi. Wanda also spoke about this. He mentions that Maxi first had an affair with another woman.

Wanda Bored

Mauro Icardi (right), Wanda Nara (center) and Maxi Lopez (101greatgoals)
“It’s not true that Icardi is good friends with Maxi, they are teammates and have good relations, but Icardi’s best friend is in Argentina,” Wanda said as reported by 101greatgoals.

“Maxi and Icardi met a couple of times and everything was very quiet, the story is noisy outside than inside.For the good of the kids, we will keep our relationship calm,” Wanda added.

Wanda and Icardi then married and have been blessed with a son. Both are often seen intimate in several moments.

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