“No Problem Bonucci Direct So Captain”

“No Problem Bonucci Direct So Captain”

AC Milan have made the decision to give the captain’s armband to Leonardo Bonucci Situs Poker. In fact, 30-year-old defender was a new player status in the 2017-2018 season.

Bonucci already melakoni debut wearing a captain’s armband in a test match against Real Betis on Wednesday (9/8/2017) at the Stadio Angelo Massimino, Catania.

Such a decision is not unusual. AC Milan usually gives the captain a tire to players who have long strengthened the team, not new players like Bonucci.

As the most senior player in AC Milan’s current squad, Ignazio Abate also spoke up about his club’s decision to give the captain’s armband to the former Juventus player.

“The club has the right to make its own decisions, there is an aroma of revolution at AC Milan today, the revolution is happening in various sectors, new owners, new staff, new management and many new players who strengthen the team,” said Ignazio Abate told Sky Sport.

“Naturally, if then the wearer of the captain’s tire is also new, I am glad that AC Milan has chosen Leonardo Bonucci,” he continued.

According to Abate, Bonucci is a winner who made history with Juventus. His experience will greatly help the team.

“I know him very well and he is presenting himself at AC Milan with humility and Leo will bring in a mindset about a win that will be useful to us this season and in difficult times,” added the 30-year-old defender.

Among all the current AC Milan team members, Ignazio Abate is the longest team player. He started joining in 2009. Currently Abate’s status is vice-captain of AC Milan.