Optimistic Berenguer Join Napoli

Optimistic Berenguer Join Napoli

Napoli are very close to Alejandro Berenguer, after the agent of the Osasuna winger confirmed. “The clubs told me not to say it, but I’m optimistic Agen Sbobet Casino.”

Now the negotiations have been going on for several weeks and most of the interest is shown by Athletic Bilbao club.

“The talks are in the next stage, we are very close, but still need to wait a little longer,” Felix Tainta Irurzun told PianetaNapoli.it.

“The clubs told me not to speak, but I’m optimistic the deal will be over.”

He is a 22-year-old left winger who came through youth academy Osasuna.

“Berenguer is keen to wear the Napoli uniform, because they are one of the greatest clubs in the history of Italian football.”

“We’ve found a deal for contract terms and wages, which I’m sure both clubs will find the right solution to the cost.”

“How long until the deal can be done? You know about the world around football, what you usually manage in a month can be done in three hours. “